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Pros and Cons of AI Writing Tools for Brands

May 11, 2023
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Brands are always looking for a way to connect with their consumers. With the internet dominating the way we share and consume content today, it is not surprising that brands are turning to artificial intelligence (AI) to automate mundane, repetitive tasks such as writing.

In recent years, AI in marketing has been growing steadily with innovations such as automated writing tools that have been developed for use by companies to promote their brands. The advent of these technology tools has pros and cons for companies when it comes to marketing their brands, namely that they assist in reducing cost and complexity while also increasing efficiency.

What is an AI writing tool?

An AI writing tool is a powerful tool in the hands of an author. It can generate content for blog posts, books, and other forms of online literature. An AI writing tool can also iterate on existing content by adding variations to the words and insights into what works best for readers. These tools are an integral part of the future of human creativity that will allow us to work more efficiently than ever before.

How do AI writing tools help brands?

AI writing tools are no longer a science fiction concept – they can help save you time while increasing your brand's impact online.

AI writing tools, like WordHero, allow brands to save time and money by not having to hire employees or freelancers who would create these pieces, which could lead to substantial cost savings. These tools also offer a much more natural tone of voice as they can make certain adjustments to create a more personable message. Having access to these tools can help employees in their day-to-day tasks, boosting morale and productivity.

Pros and Cons of AI Writing Tools for Brands

AI writing tools make it easier for professionals looking to save time on content generation. These tools can typically produce written content in a more natural voice than the writer would be able to. One drawback of using AI writing tools is that they cannot yet write at the same level of quality as a human writer, who can experience firsthand the company's products and services before creating an article about them.

Let's elaborate more on the pros and cons of using AI writing tools for brands, especially in marketing:


1. A way to save time

When it comes to content, the time crunch is real. The average busy company has deadlines that are constantly looming and growing shorter. With more content being created each day than ever before, the time it takes to curate just one piece of content can take days or weeks, not hours.

One of the ways that brands can catch up with time is to implement AI.

There are AI writing tools that take care of tedious writing tasks such as writing SEO-friendly copy, planning new content, etc. This saves writers from having to manually write an article that takes up valuable time while still producing relevant and engaging content. Additionally, it allows for better quality control as the writer can see how well the readers received their post before spending additional resources on edits.

2. Easily create new content

These programs work by having users copy and paste their text into an editing box. The program then scans the text for errors and makes suggestions which the user can then use to edit the text. This process allows authors to focus solely on creating a quality piece without worrying about tedious writing processes.

In addition, it helps boost brand loyalty by providing customers with information that meets their needs. Using AI writing tools to communicate company messages will increase engagement and promote efficiency among staff members.

3. AI writing tools are cost-effective

AI writing tools offer businesses an opportunity to save money in both time and money. With the addition of AI, writers can spend less time on mundane tasks so they can focus more on generating creative content that will resonate with their customers. Incorporating AI into your company's marketing strategy could lead to higher brand awareness, increased sales, and potentially better customer retention rates.

4. AI will help you write better content

A recent article from Business Insider discusses the benefits of AI-assisted content creation. Brands can use the latest technology to improve and expand their business and marketing content with a machine-written copy. Machine-written content is more concise and easier to read than traditional, manually written content because it eliminates wordiness and human error.

For example, artificial intelligence can help writers focus on what matters most without researching for accuracy, which saves time on workflows. Brands can use AI for everything from brainstorming content ideas to generating the text and even editing the final copy.

5. AI tools are around the clock

As brands struggle to keep up with the increased demand for content, it's only natural that brands leverage AI writing tools. After all, they are always available to be of service. Brands can schedule an article to be written on a specific topic or use AI-generated content for marketing purposes.

AI tools also offer an opportunity for brands to tap into lesser-known markets because they can provide more appealing and relatable content. Brands should consider using AI writing tools to improve their social media campaigns by connecting with new audiences and exploring new writing styles.


1. AI is not as creative as a human

AI is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. As computers become smarter, they can do things that seem more human. However, improvements in artificial intelligence (AI) may be lacking compared to humans regarding creativity.

Artificial intelligence relies too heavily on algorithms and data analysis which strips creativity from their writing. It's easy for AI to generate content that follows a specific pattern and can't understand any nuances of the content that make it different from other pieces.

2. No human connection

Ai writing tools are designed to create content that generates traffic on social media platforms. Still, it's hard for these tools to create a human connection with readers due to their lack of vital emotional capacity. In addition, the tools cannot understand what makes a piece of content unique or interesting, which is a critical element of human-generated content.

Brands will can reap the benefits of using AI writing tools

AI writing tools are still in their infancy stage. Using AI in marketing has several benefits, such as saving time and money and writing faster and better content all around the clock. However, AI writing tools have many limitations, such as creativity and human connection.

Machines are not yet capable of imagining the future, understanding irony, or understanding all aspects of human thought. Therefore, it is still important to acknowledge the fact that AI makes our lives better and easier, yet we shouldn't be heavily dependent on it always.

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