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Challenges of Using AI Writing Tools

May 11, 2023
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Over the past few years, Artificial Intelligence(AI) writing tools have become increasingly popular.

These programs are designed to help writers produce traditionally written content without professional writing background. Recently, non-writers who don't write for a living have used these tools to become better writers. The main idea behind these writing tools is to allow users to write text in a much more natural way than they would write it with a pen and paper.

However, this new technology has not come without its own set of challenges.

1. Lack of emotional touch and creative input

With the rise of AI writing tools such as WordHero, we're seeing a shift in the way we write. These tools allow us to create content for our business spending less time and effort. However, we should be mindful of some challenges involved with this shift when considering using these types of tools.

For example, while AI writing tools can produce high-quality content, they may not always have a human touch to them.

AI writing tools are often heralded as the cure for content fatigue, but it turns out their use to generate creative content is limited. AI writers work by scraping articles and blogs online to find websites that use already-existing phrases. These AI writers then use sentences from these sources to create new texts that mimic the original author's style.

Several professionals have debated this over the last few years, but AI can't produce creative content because it simply follows algorithmic directions.

Computers are programmed to follow linear steps and lack creativity, making them unable to produce original or exciting content. Without human interaction, AI cannot create creative content that will impact readers.

2. Misusage leading to low-quality content

Internet technology has allowed many people to have a voice that they would not have had in the past. This is excellent because it gives a variety of perspectives and ideas that were not being heard before.

Also, they can be overwhelming for novice writers because it is challenging to know which tool would best suit the needs of the individual.

The first challenge is figuring out how to use the writing tool.

Some tools automatically generate copy based on keywords, while others give prompts and break down the process into steps. Still, these tools allow people to create content without actually knowing how to write.

While this has been a beneficial and easy way to save time, they often fall short on quality.

When using AI writing tools, the words are automatically generated and do not always make sense or say exactly what is meant to. This can negatively affect internet users who take given information as gospel.

If you want good quality content that contains facts, editing and proofreading are essential.

3. Dependency and Unemployment

Artificial intelligence (AI) tools are created to help ease the process of curating creative content.

As a result, it has caused a decrease in freelance writers because many companies don't want to pay for creative content when they can get it free from their current AI writing tools. Because of this, many people are concerned that it will take jobs away from writers.

In line with this challenge, there's a tendency that human writers are becoming too dependent on AI to draft their work.

AI can provide a quick and efficient response to the needs of modern-day businesses, but reliance on these tools has made it more difficult for humans to produce quality writing. The trend has also sparked controversy because AI "bots" are not covered under the same ethical rules as human-written content.

AI writing tools are still far from perfection

In conclusion, the challenges of using AI writing tools are that there is no guarantee that the article is being published or plagiarized.

Most importantly, it's not the same as a human's personal touch. It's not the same as having a human write our content.

Nevertheless, they are truly excellent and useful tools. It would still come down to the fact that they are simply tools designed to assist human writers. One shouldn't be entirely dependent on it.

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