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Benefits of Using AI to Write Cover Letters

May 11, 2023
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Cover letters are the perfect way to capture a potential employer's attention with a personal touch. In our increasingly digital world, a cover letter is a way to stand out from the crowd and make your qualifications shine.

With AI becoming more commonplace in many industries, it's time for you to consider using AI when writing a compelling cover letter that will land you that next interview.

In the current job market, competition is high, and there are many qualified candidates for each position. Many job seekers are unaware of the impact of grammar and sentence structure on their cover letters.

Today, this is not a problem for job seekers with the onslaught of new AI writing tools such as WordHero. Many tools can write cover letters for you if you are unsure of what to say or how to put your thoughts into words. These tools will generate a letter based on keywords and phrases that populate applicant resumes and cover letters, including the employer's company's culture and mission.

With that, here are a few benefits of using AI when writing cover letters:

1. It saves time and effort.

One of the challenges of job hunting is writing your resume and cover letter. Many people take more than an hour to write and edit their resumes, and they find it equally difficult to compose a cover letter.

Luckily, artificial intelligence (AI) writing tools can help you with time-consuming tasks to have more time on the application, resume, or interview.

2. Efficiently finds keywords

In making the perfect cover letter, it is necessary to find keywords that will demonstrate your skills and abilities as a candidate.

AI writing tools can efficiently find keywords to create a better cover letter. The tool provides a list of skills and phrases relevant to a specific job position, which automatically generates a custom cover letter for that job.

3. No need to be mindful of grammar and sentence structure

A recent British Council study has revealed that job seekers will no longer need to be mindful of grammar and sentence structure when writing cover letters, thanks to AI-powered writing tools. The job search is an arduous task for any graduate and can often last months before securing a suitable position.

One of the critical parts of this process is the cover letter, which must be well structured and grammatically correct to impact the employer.

4. Easy to Create Quality Content

Job seekers still need to make sure that they send out great quality resumes and cover letters.

However, they can easily create excellent quality content for their cover letter using AI writing tools to maintain a professional appearance when applying for jobs. In addition to writing a cover letter that will stand out, you can also use AI to improve the content of your cover letter.

Using AI to write a cover letter guide can remove the "human factor" that allows for many errors in cover letter writing.

Easily write cover letters with AI writing tools

In conclusion, it's time for your cover letter to upgrade. If you're looking for the perfect way to end a job search, AI can help.

AI can be an excellent tool for creating personalized cover letters without the hassle of dedicating hours to it. Pick from a few templates that best represent your skills and interests, then use the 'done in minutes' wizard to fill in the blanks with a few clicks.

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