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How to Use AI to Promote Content

May 11, 2023
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It's no secret that content marketing has been a powerful strategy for many companies in the past few years.

In fact, according to an article from Forbes, "companies that blog have a 94% chance of maintaining or increasing their lead generation." Even still, some might find it challenging to keep up with the constantly changing landscape of social media and digital marketing.

AI can help you generate fresh content while putting your audience at the center of your content strategy.

Why use AI for content promotion?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a technology that's quickly and steadily gaining momentum, and its future applications will play a huge role in the way we work and live. With AI becoming more accessible to consumers, brands are starting to explore how they can use this technology to promote their content.

Content marketing is a strategy for reaching potential customers, clients, and leads through content creation.

You can use it to generate leads, drive traffic to websites, and even improve search rankings. The use of AI for content promotion would allow a company to focus on the creative aspects of writing content while relying on an algorithm to promote that content.

This would result in more efficient use of time and efforts by a company's marketing teams.

Ways to use AI to promote content

1. Generate compelling and engaging content with AI writing tools

Creating high-quality, engaging content is time-consuming and expensive, so many brands rely on agencies to do it for them. These AI writing tools, like WordHero, allow brands to increase their content's engagement and reach with no extra work from them.

By simply typing in text and clicking a button, these programs offer consistent grammar and spelling mistakes.

2. Content optimization

Content optimization is a newer way of promoting a business. AI is used to analyze a company's content to find keywords that will help them rank higher in search engines.

It is also a way for companies to channel their efforts into the most effective options and promote their content by using algorithms that find what type of content resonates with its audience and what percentage of followers will share it. With content optimization, it will make your content much more appealing for search engine optimization purposes, leading to increased traffic.

3. Automate schedules for posting content

AI can also help schedule when to post your content on your social media channels or other platforms. With AI being able to read, analyze, and utilize the content for others to see, companies can post content regularly.

This is an excellent opportunity for any company that needs to be more active on social media or have more visibility on their website. Some also have features that give insights from your audience's data and suggest when is the best time to post.

In turn, it will help your content gain more engagement and eventually reach more audiences.

Brands should take advantage of AI for content promotion

In conclusion, AI offers a new way to produce, optimize and schedule content as a way to promote content.

The benefits of AI include less time spent on production, content optimization, and scheduling. The time saved can be put towards other marketing efforts, which would make the company more productive and efficient.

The use of AI can reduce or eliminate the need for time-consuming tasks like production and scheduling, allowing the user to focus their energy on other marketing initiatives that produce better results.

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